Boonie Mayfield

Solomon Vaughn (also known as Boonie Mayfield and Boon Doc) is a musician hailing from Colorado Springs that helped pave the way for artists in the early days of the online production scene. While known for his music production, Solomon is far from "just" anything and has proven himself to be an extremely capable emcee, writer, sound designer, actor and video producer.

For years, Boonie Mayfield's Youtube channel inspired many young producers to get in touch with their creative potential and inject quality sounds into each musical endeavor. A multitalented virtuoso, Solomon has now began to pursue a career in acting and film.

"Simply labeling Solomon Vaughn a/k/a Boonie Mayfield as a Hip-Hop artist/producer is a pretty restrictive label for the Colorado Springs native. He is an artist. Period. From his lush studio instrumentation to the committed, experimental shamelessness of his raps and beats, Boonie Mayfield has always explored music-making unapologetically, at the risk of radically revising his sound despite its reception on each new occasion.  He transcends genres; he twists and turns styles, always searching for every possible creative edge, no matter how elusive that may prove to be. He has produced and released many projects, stylistically diverse between them, but always with one common goal in mind – being the best he can be by his own standards and means." -